(SOS) astral planes drifter: 'sight of sight'

Astral Planes Drifter 'Sight of Sight' PYR07

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(an SOS 2007 reprint)
Cover / Inside art by
Seth Ossachite Stephens

Cassette layout and craft by
Jadi Lane / Rainbow Pyramid

Digital Version + tape
Tiny MixTapes Review

"...Found sound, voice samples, quasi-tuned guitars, bells, effects, unidentifiable rubble, topped off by morbid production values. I’m thinking of collage artists like Uton and Babe, Terror and production moguls like Joe Meek; also sample obsessives like Haves & Thirds and Buon Giordo Luamada, tossed in a brain salad with a sci-fi mode sprinkled over top. Sight of Sight will be an absolutely devastating find for musicians plumbing similar territory six years after Astral Planes Drifter already went there. It’s the circle of life."  - TinyMixTapes