the last paradigm

collage excerpt by Seth Ossachite Stephens

~ several new tapes brewing for august 2014 ~ 

… returning to this crystalline prism I find the dark wilds of summer stirring once again: …  new exotic space odysseys, venturing back to those old wet summer slums in the depths of the palm oasis… the bubbling up of that sweet warm jungle magic from the primordial beginnings… all the while, diggin' it down at the edge of the unknown universe with those far out loving, extra-terrestrial dolphin beings of the last paradigm…  

a few past cassettes are also now back in stock; the ongoing bundle is still in effect for the rest of the year. if you have purchased tapes from us in the past and would like a free digital copy of any previous release get in touch.

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:: samples of some of the upcoming titles ::
...more soon...