Cays (c40)

(c40) kevin lewis (fill spectrum / llanten) secret cove offerings    

Hand numbered Edition of 50
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"The Bodhisattva comes down from the mountain to lead all beings out of suffering; here are the forces he deals with. Frenetic whirlwinds of negative energy are conjured up with such force that my boombox seems to levitate, the lights in the room seem to dim, the temperature seems to drop so that I can nearly see my breath. These forces are transmuted into clear, peaceful light, not just once but several times in the course of the A-Side, thick thundering drones dissipating into peaceful washes of sweeping instrumentation, returning warmth, light and calm to their environment.
The B-side finds us retreating from civilization to restore our energies. A winding cave behind a waterfall with a guttering candle to guide the way. Malevolent spirits will seek us here, but perhaps we can lose them in the twisting passages." - Theosophical Society