Wave Temples ~ 'keys to the inner island' (c30) PYR14

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Hand numbered Edition of 40


"It’s no small feat to capture the sounds of nature and synthetically transform them into something else. Its even more ambitious trying to make synthesized and organic worlds live simultaneously. Often times the two ideas stand at opposite ends of the spectrum, clashing and bouncing off one another but never truly coexisting. Many artists have tried to integrate the worlds, but success is certainly not guaranteed.
Not until this newest cassette from Wave Temples had i heard something so truly harmonious and uplifting that builds upon the unique organic and cyclical sounds of earth. Their Keys to the Inner Island tape projects a warm, soft, spectral blanket of sound that is thrown amidst flowing water and lush plant life. Twinkling, washed-out synths swirl and fade over fuzzy static and humid air. An ever-evolving palette of color slowly morphs and constructs itself with loose precision, providing an optimal relaxation experience. (..)" - Hunter P. Thompson / Tape Famous

"Pieces infused with heat and life, embodying tropical nature in misty textures and fluid composition. Clusters of atonal notes open like wide-petalled flowers; rushing waterfalls of drone pour out sparkling in the sun. If it’s winter in your soul, this music might melt the icicles off your beard." - Theosophical Society