Cool Person 'Future Person' - (c30) PYR13

back to the future person of permanent nostalgia

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"...Each time I've listened to it I didn't notice as one side changes another and only after 5 or 7 auto-reverse knob clicks on my player I realized that melodies from this tape stuck in my head so successfully that there is no reason to listen it again. And same happened with each listening for last two months. Light, transparently weightless weavings of sound on this record are similar to shells on the sea shore - all beautiful, choose any. You start picking them up, to examine closely and an hour or two may pass, while sun lazily fries the beach and seagull looks around in search of something to steal... This music is so abstract, that it scatters by millions of flares at any attempt to focus on its details. Only the corner of your eye can see all ingenuous charm of its iridescence..." - Pied Paper