Puerta del Sol (c103) PYR12 + Digital

Edition of 100
coming soon to tomentosa  
Illustrations by Figueroa  + Digital Here  

"Duo of Oliwa and Pandelindio members combined everything best form both projects and their debut album on the young label Rainbow Pyramid can be already added to the list of this years best releases. Wide-space drone ambiance, qualitatively stitched new age, mystically ritual atmosphere - all these components form just a skeleton of music of Puerta Del Sol. Real magic starts somewhere between all the above mentioned, seeping in our world like an astral fluid. Flowers are blooming with new colors, Sun warms especially softly despite the weather, birds are listening to the voices that emerge on the surface of the ocean of sound created by Puerta Del Sol (which translates as the "Gate of the Sun").
Using synthesizers and different bells, singing bowls and flutes this band creates improvised music, which sounds gracefully and smoothly, not interrupting the flight of imagination even for a moment, which starts from the very beginning of the tape. Marvelous creatures and rediscovered species of birds, beautiful plants and singing stones - all of this can be there, where we going with the dense flow of this music. Sun shining accumulates in the specially constructed temples and their doors are opened at night for those, who know the way to the foot of the mountains, where they are located. Clean air of autumn woods mixes up with songs of birds (or dryads?), creating subtle, translucent veil that envelops tree's branches and trunks. The closer the glow, the more blurred outline of images, arising therein, so only completely freeing your mind from the expectations you can become one with the song, which flows from the mountain slopes like creeks. Water of the sky and water of the earth are merging into the cycle of rain and dew, while light of the Sun and light of the human soul are swirling in the vortex of harmonious dance.
Music, of which draws intertwining wondrous in their beauty worlds brightened with psychedelic colors and impregnated with magic. There is usually one fate for utopian visions arising in the middle of technogenic madness of the modern world - to be a leisure time for interested in esoteric audience and enjoyable pastime for fans of ambient music. But after listening to this record would like to believe that one day things will change and magical beauty of this music will be whirling among the people, playing in their houses without need to hide in the thickets under the mushroom caps..." - Pied Paper