Shadows of Vibrate 'Vibrations and Cosmic Rays' (c45) PYR11

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from Microphone in the Trees
from Pied Paper 

"I don't like such comparisons, but from the first listening to this tape I had thought that it sounds as if Sunhiilow and Uton united their best in one project. Magical melodies shimmering, shamanistic electronics, samples from old Hindu ragas, lo-fi sound of old synths - all this and many more you can find on the 14 tracks of this album. Sometime it sounds enchantingly primitive, sometime - very familiar, as if iridescent sounds moving under loudspeaker's fabric were extracted from your mind one minute before you heard them. 
This album was released in one batch with wonderful Puerta del Sol debut and it one more time proves that man behind Rainbow Pyramid have great taste. This work shows good level of sound knowledge, at least in the field where no boundaries of experimentation. It depends only on musician's imagination - will the next loop whirling forward or erupts suddenly with the digital noise. Meditation changes to truly childish play with instruments, composition turns into cacophony. Yet, in the whole album remains consistent and solid in its atmosphere.Extraterrestrial signals,  faddy faces of UFO-religion disciples, old movies about space and future of space exploration are melting in one big endlessly changing piece of plasticine. Images constructed not for examination, but for deconstruction. This is similar to the child that disassembles toy car - not to broke it, but to give it more functionality. For him every detail of this car turns into something else, something basically new. The same way this music falls infinitely into details, losing its intention somewhere in the middle of the path - closely to the end this record becomes self-isolated, even little bit melancholic. Necessary to be able to put together all toy parts so good, that there no extra details left. However, I think that Shadows of Vibrate will do that on the next releases which, I hope, will not take long in coming." - Pied Paper