555 - 'New Omni Vibrational Hymns' (c98) PYR-20

Second Wave Vibes in Double Repeat (c98) from New Orleans' Chris Farstad 

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"From New Orleans’ Chris Farstad comes a tape with an irresistable title, populated with atmospheric synthesizer psychedelia. Hallucinatory collages form varying colors in their overlapping frequencies, justifying 9+ minute running times for many of the tracks. A highlight is “Eagle Claw,” a magnificent zoner which seems to evoke places drawn from ancestral memory in its expansive depth of field." - Theosophical Society
"Following up his Moon Glyph debut, Chris Farstad (bka as 555) has put forth another collection of minimalist tones and mind-massaging expressions in a new release through Rainbow Pyramid. The six-track EP, accurately labeled New Omni Vibrational Desert Hymns, is a tribute to freeform waves of sound, melding together digital pulses and unraveled shimmers, and the debut single, "Eagle Claw" is as thoughtful as all of Farstad's previous outings." -  Dayna Evans (Senior Editor of Impose Magazine)