BABEXO - 'Lonely Life in Neon Lights' EP (c26) PYR-21

- Lonely Daydream Sound Canvases from Vyvyan Colonna of Rome -
BABEXO - Lonely Life in Neon Lights - EP - PYR-21
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Digital EP + Extended Stereo Cassette (c26)
Released 21 01 14 
Available Here from Meditations

"The tone of the release honors the name of the tape.  One thinks of nature’s modern boundary, the populated area in which the night skies are obscured by artificial light.  Artificial illumination often steals joy from those illuminated, as natural light aids the production of melanin and Vitamin D, combats seasonal affective disorder and lifts the mood.  In related fashion, the neon light connotes activity, companionship, fun; and when such things do not occur, the lonely resident beneath such lights feels doubly lonely.  BABEXO relays these feelings though tendrils of synth and soft strums, distant bell tones and programmed drums.  ”Trop” sounds like a beckoning circus without a troupe; “A Space Journey” sounds like a pigeon who dreams of being a satellite.  Every track bleeds a sense of subdued yearning, a reduction of hope, an adjustment to current circumstances.  And yet, below the surface lies a belief that somewhere things are better.

The title track, divided into two parts, fills half of the cassette.  The second part presents the EP’s warmest sound: outdoor birds, seemingly happy, calling out to one another.  Subtitled “Tropical Daze”, this piece presents moments of clarity, wearing synthetic fibers on an ivory coat.  The heart beats beneath the neon light, and no amount of glare can completely subdue it." -  (Richard Allen

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