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4 Cassettes + 7inch Lathe Cut
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Astral Planes Drifter (SOS) 2007 Re-Issue (c68)
Re-Issue of the rare (originally self released) album from Astral Planes Drifter 
a.k.a SOS (Seth Ossachite Stephens)

Previously Unreleased Wave Temples 7 inch Lathe Cut

Expertly Hand Crafted 7inch Lathe Cut of unreleased Wave Temples live tracks
Originally created for International Cassette Store Day (2013) 

::::  plus  ::::

Puerta del Sol s/t (c103)

Epic Double Repeat ~ 103 Minute Cassette from Argentina
"magical-realism in creationism, elemental humanity created from the sun and lake."  
- Tape Famous


Cays s/t (c40)

Another offering from secret coves of Fill Spectrum and Port Llanten
"..forces are transmuted into clear, peaceful light
- Theosophical Society 

Shadows Of Vibrate 'Vibrations and Cosmic Rays' (c45)

Compilation of Original Electronic Sound Design from former Altered Matthau veteran
"Magical melodies shimmering, shamanistic electronics, samples from old Hindu ragas, lo-fi sound of old synths" 
- Pied Paper 

- 4 Cassettes + Handcrafted Lathe Cut -
- Limited to only 4 bundles total - 
$25.00 USD - Postage Paid - Anywhere, World.